Making big news in China at the moment is a totally out of the ordinary UFO event that that took place last week in the south-eastern city of Wenzhou that has even the most seasoned UFO researchers in that nation scratching their heads as they examine the relevant footage (below). Security personnel monitoring streaming footage being picked up by a urveillance camera noticed a small, incredibly fast moving orb type UFO floating around the entrance of a building. The object disappeared and reappeared in a different spot before seemingly impacting with a sheet of half inch thick, bullet proof glass at the entrance of the building: causing it to shatter into hundreds of pieces.



Between 7 and 9 o clock in the morning, 9 december 09 this strange thing happened in the skies above Norway.

Secretly Recorded CHEMTRAILS Pilot Speaks

Disclose.tv Secretly Recorded CHEMTRAILS Pilot Speaks


Car Runs On Sea Water

Radio Tracked Chemtrail Pilots MUST SEE

video by: www.youtube.com/brightonchemtrails Decsription: Just 2 hours on the Hill overlooking Brighton City and surrounding Counties, Hove, Shoreham, Worthing, woodingdean, etc, My radio scanner was plugged directly into the camera so the synch between the video and the camera is perfect as the Cam has a MIC input. They did so much chemtrailing before I got outside and after that I am making a Part 2 , without takes. I didnt hear one pilot above 3000ft!! but it seems Chemtrail pilots are using a callsign of "1101" heard that from more than one chemtrail pilot. I might be wrong on this so if you know better please let me know. .


UFO Fly Over the Inauguration of Barack Obama

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura - HAARP [full episode 1]


UFOS INTERCEPT AIRLINER AT GOREBRIDGE MIDLOTHIAN, 21st may 2009 10.30 pm approach to edinburgh international airport over gorebridge 2 ufos filmed by jackie gillies appear to rise from the gorebridge locality to intercept a passenger airliner from above and below - forming an acrobatic crossover across the length of the port wing and around the structure of the tail section ... david morley airtraffic control has referred the matter to the MoD for comment. Airport denies report of UFO Date: 08 June 2009 EDINBURGH Airport has denied claims that it referred an apparent UFO incident to the Ministry of Defence for investigation.

Dying Nasa Scientist Speaks About Life On Mars


Wireless Free Energy From Space

Japan has serious plans to send a solar-panel-equipped satellite into space that could wirelessly beam a gigawatt-strong stream of power down to earth and power nearly 300,000 homes. The satellite will have a surface area of four square kilometers, and transmit power via microwave to a base station on Earth. Putting solar panels in space bypasses many of the difficulties of installing them on Earth: in orbit, there are no cloudy days, very few zoning laws, and the cold ambient temperature is ideal. A small test model is scheduled for launch in 2015. To iron out all the kinks and get a fully functional system set up is estimated to take three decades. A major kink, presumably, is coping with the possible dangers when a 1-gigawatt microwave beam aimed at a small spot on Earth misses its target. The $21 billion project just received major backing from Mitsubishi and designer IHI (in addition to research teams from 14 other countries). Space Solar Power - Limitless clean energy from space www.nss.org/settlement/ssp/

The poisoner (XIV) - CHEMTRAILS

Video by: www.tanker-enemy.com Enhanced UFO from the video: tanker-enemy.com/Immagini/Chemtrails/uvs091202-001.jpg