Toxic Airlines Chemtrails Poisoners Over Europe (Czech Republic) 25 September 2011 ČHMÚ Lže

"BREAKING" Huge Meteor Strikes Argentina 2011

One woman died and six other people were injured as a result of the meteor event. A local resident told Radio 10 that the explosion was caused by a flaming object that fell from the sky and completely destroyed a house and several cars. "It was a veritable earthquake," she said. The event took place a few minutes before 2 a.m. in a property located at the intersection Luis Vernet and Los Andes streets in Monte Grande, municipality of Esteban Echeverria. The causes of the explosion remain unknown, but local residents claim "a fireball fell from the sky." There was an overpowering smell like gunpowder," recalled one of the people living in the area, in statements made to C5N. "There is no explanation for what took place," added Cayetano, another resident, to Radio 10. He then added: "A neighbor woman came out running because she could see a blue fireball falling from above." Guillermo Perez, commander of the local fire brigade, remarked that the causes of the incident remain unknown, while acknowledging that the first story points to an object that fell from the sky. "I heard that version, but can't confirm it at first instance. It is necessary to go by an expert investigation to see what really happened," he told Radio 10. Perez confirmed that two houses and a business were "completely destroyed." As a result of the event, an elderly woman trapped under the debris perished while another six were rescued. Firefighters told C5N that these were subsequently taken to a local hospital. The fatality is among the victims living in the house where the explosion took place. Three of the injured are members of the household and the other three are from the adjacent house, affected by the explosion. The injured parties are out of danger, C5N explained. According to neighbors, the explosion was even heard in such neighboring communities as Ezeiza and Temperley, to the south of Greater Buenos Aires.

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