Retired Pilot Saw ETs at UFO Crash Site

Disclose.tv Retired Pilot Saw ETs at UFO Crash Site Video Retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham says he visited the site of a crashed UFO in 1955 near Del Rio, Texas, where he saw the bodies of three non-human entities inside the ruptured hull of the ship. In this segment from a radio interview with Jeff Rense from March 8, 2010, the 84-year old explains what he saw at the crash site and what the bodies looked like.

Cave Bat Demons In Afghanistan & US Soldiers

Disclose.tv Cave Bat Demons in Afghanistan 1/2 Video PART2
Disclose.tv Cave Bat Demons in Afghanistan 2/2 Video

UFO 22nd March Glasgow Scotland 2010

Disclose.tv UFO 22nd March Glasgow 2010 Video NOTE FROM AUTHOR: "This is a clip i filmed for 20 secs and the battery went. The most f...kd up thing about this though , was i could not see it with my Naked Eye!"

Historic Footage Of Bamyan Buddha Statues Afghanistan

Disclose.tv Historic Footage of Bamyan Statues Afghanistan Video


Brown Mountain UFO Lights During National Geographic Shoot

Brown Mountain Lights with audio during a National Geographic shoot This is the Brown Mountain lights to the right of the screen ,and the blue and red orbs are something we have never seen before.This was filmed using 3rd generation night vision goggles for National Geographics show called Paranatural