The film by the Mars landing is again a matter for itself. Unfortunately, the origin of the video to find out anything, but there are many people who consider the film for absolutely true, because on closer examination is made on a well that this flying object flying characteristics which no known aircraft at that time until 1977, the same . It has a very thin shell, and can quickly fly straight and turn in a tight spiral downward movement, as it could only be a helicopter.

Only on the photographs one sees upon landing no dust is blown away, and no shadow of the rotor blades are visible, as is customary for a helicopter would. So it is apparently not a helicopter, but then what? The window of the object has at its outer edge, neither interfaces or screws. In the film, which has been absorbed by the object out, you can see the display ad) of the camera (or a monitor, it shows in English and Russian languages, the external air pressure of 700 millibars , An outside temperature with 4 'C and a wind speed of 21 km / h. What would be completely viable conditions, like on Earth. The voices that are heard, is probably the voices of the people in the control or by the crew in case of a manned Mars landing. Among other things, is heard: "This is the greatest thing in history, it is 22 May 1962, we have landed on Mars .... and we have found life! "But what is even more surprising is the fact that control can be heard as" Houston ", just as in all previous NASA missions. What is also immediately noticeable when the video for the first time provides: The atmosphere in the video is blue, which is in stark contrast to the present knowledge about the Martian atmosphere, which really ought to shine through the red iron oxide dust . At least it will give us the story of NASA. Mars is clearly red, but it must also apply the same for its atmosphere? Heaven on Earth is blue for one reason only, because the shortest wavelength blue and ultraviolet, which are scattered most strongly in the atmosphere and the human eye has a great sensitivity to blue colors. It is true that the violet light is strongly scattered, but as the proportion of violet in the sunlight, much weaker than the blue component and the eye is not so sensitive to violet light as blue light, we see the sky is blue. Could not this effect might also occur on Mars? At the beginning of the video, while the object flew very quickly, you can see over a short distance of approximately 100 m and water since the horizon is reflected in it. Again, this goes against all knowledge about Mars, where according to NASA occurs for a very long time, no liquid water left, only frozen water has been far discovered or suspected. The environment looks, despite all scientific contradictions of the Martian surface, very similar and can be seen shortly before landing a kind of basic or complex With white Surface. This film is truly remarkable, and this still looks absolutely real. The flight sequences marsähnliche landscape and the radio traffic act so convincing that one comes to ponder erstmal. If this is a forgery, but a really good one. It is clear that in 1977 (Star Wars such a film) very well could have been faked. But we are talking about a pretty high production values with expensive special effects, a domed basenähnlichen and expensive flight recordings, which had to be shot for this exotic desert landscape with security outside of England. This kind of production costs for an April Fool's joke of a small British science program from today's point of view somehow illogical. The show would have to show even without this so-called Ballantine tape to have had the same effect. On the other hand, there is once again in the movie "Alternative 3" is a short sequence , Where a desert is shown from Africa, which sees in the desert landscape Ballantine video very similar and could suggest that this was probably faked it, but who knows. At the end of the film also something strange happened, just after the insertion of the object, the attention of the parties to an unusual movement on the ground. We see how "a little" digging through the ground, like a mole. Then one hears the phrase: ".... and we have found life! ". Decide for yourself what you think about it, but it is interesting all the time.


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