UFO Filmed in Istanbul Turkey 5th September 2009 in the News

UFO Filmed in Istanbul Turkey By Necip Ozkan (17) 09/05/2009 In The News Location : Sirinevler / Istanbul Date: 09/05/2009, Time : 00:30 Taken by : Necip Ozkan (17) Some details from news broadcast: The object was slowly moving. He was sure it was not a balloon, or other conventional object. He could clearly see 4 sections on the object. The video was taken from his home at 00:30 hours. He used a tripod to film the object. He could not identify this object. He thinks possibly it's a UFO. Also he used tripod for taken video. Witness: father, mother and son (Necip Ozkan). From video : Asking father: Is this a possible balloon? Necip : No, because of the way it was moving, and it was much larger and brighter.

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