UFO Photographed over Costa Rica 2009-05-04

link bigger image http://www.mufoncms.com/files/19068C_0535.JPG CLOSE UP Rough Text Translation: Long Description of report I took a photo from the buildings that have been construído in mountains, in San jOse, Costa Rica, specifically in mountains of Escazú, observes later it in my computer and I made in zoom lens to see better the buildings him, the surprise was to see in first plane the object in the sky of black color, later already with more detail observes the distance, between the ufo but flagrant and the eaves of my office, several objects could say that similar, I managed to descry 5 objects in the photography. It would want that you who are expert in the matter reviewed this photography so that they can determine that they are that objects. Greetings… Posted on Disclose.tv Forum http://mufoncms.com/sighting_latest_reports

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