Flying Saucer in Ancient Pottery

It was found in Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico. It measures 10 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall. Teocaltiche means place near the temple in pre-Columbian times. Contributed by Ignacio Icaza Campa The person who spotted the ceramic figurines does not provide the exact location of its discovery, afraid to make a sack, just let them take pictures. Dug in the area also found other items like flying saucers, which are called whorls, which served to indigenous women to spin. They found more humanoid type figures with rounded ears or antennas (like Shrek), and colored stone jewelry. Still not dating tests done, but I think that may have more than 500 years old, by the data found in the local library in the history of settlements in Teocaltiche. SOURCE: http://disclose.tv/forum/post101024.html ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://analuisacid.com/?p=2875

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