Richard C Hoagland at Liverpool's Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009

Disclose.tv Richard Hoagland - Structures On Saturn (Sep 2009) Video Richard C Hoagland at Liverpool's Beyond Knowledge Conference Sept 2009. 'BackCam' edit of this major presentation on structures on part of one of Saturn's rings, and the link with a preWW2 Saturn society in Germany, and Apollo. Thus the Saturn V Launch vehicle, indicates a link with German Science and a structure on Saturn's Rings. Hoagland later on in the full 21/2hr edit presents data that suggests a direct link with a Massive structured craft and the objects that crashed into Jupiter, Venus and one of Saturn's Rings during the Apollo 40th anniversary, and implication that Earth is next. Imagery is from NASA's Cassini probe. Thus the Secret Space programs discovered by Gary McKinnon, the Germans and what Joseph Farrell's data on the SS Brotherhood of The Bell. Saturn as a Torsion Field device, and the Annunaki - Nephilim. Packed with data, this rough cut edit gives a glance at what Hoagland presented. Full 2 1/2 two camera edit available eventually from Beyond Knowledge.
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